What to expect in the short term

Things have started to settle down a bit now, so I’d like to dedicate a few minutes to brief the few readers who’ve been able to find their way here.

– The homepage, it’s kind of bare bones and doesn’t contain any information about Noumenon Games at all at this point. This is something we’re planning to change today by at least providing a little piece on who we are, and where we’re going.

– Mac / iOS  port, this one has come up a lot. I can say for certain that we won’t be making an iOS port for quite some time, it would require some really major work and we simply don’t have the resources for it. Mac support is easier and something which we’re beginning to look into.

– The game doesn’t want to start on some computers, we’ve luckily been able to find one of these unfortunate souls amongst our close friends, so I’m confident we’ll have a fix available for in time for the next patch. This is the issue I talked about briefly in the previous post.

– We’ve had a few reports of the game crashing from time to time on laptops with AMD / Intel integrated graphics cards. Sadly Intel integrated graphics cards are infamous for their buggy drivers, and this seems to be equally true for AMDs offerings. Debugging and fixing these issues are enormously time consuming, and since we’re only a single programmer other more pressing issues are sadly prioritized for now. I’ll try to dedicate some time to at least do some more research on this issue over the weekend though. Although I can’t guarantee it makes a difference, switching to Low for graphics quality makes the game use significantly simple shaders that might make things more stable.

– A lot of controllers doesn’t work correctly with the game. We incorrectly assumed that button layout would be somewhat standardized, this was certainly an error on our part as this evidently isn’t the case. DJ Cryotek over at our steam forum has come up with a temporary fix. The next patch will make it possible to choose from the most common controllers and have their buttons sanely mapped automatically directly from the settings menu.

– It’s not clear what the different difficulty options actually affects. On Easy you have infinite lives in checkpoints, on Normal you have 5 and on Hard you have 0. This is especially confusing for players that pick Hard directly from the start, as the game gives them the impression that checkpoints are bugged. In the next patch there will be a billboard where you pick difficulty, detailing the differences between the different difficulty choices.

– Some people have reported that they’d like to see how many coins a particular level contains. This is already possible by looking above the difficulty meter for a particular level, but it would seem like it doesn’t stand out enough from the rest of the GUI, making it easy to overlook. This more than likely comes down to the fact that the dotted gray circle present when the coin isn’t picked doesn’t really stand out. We’ve discussed a few different solutions to this but haven’t settled on one yet as there’s some trade offs involved between clarity and screen space.

– If you have a secondary monitor that supports resolutions that the primary monitor doesn’t, it’s possible to select a resolution from the settings menu that doesn’t work. Most games usually have a step with a count down timer where you have to really confirm that you want to keep the selected resolution, when the count down reaches 0 the game assumes you don’t want to keep the selected resolution. This way in case your screen turns black the game reverts to the original resolution. Sadly this is very difficulty to fix for us due to how the graphics middleware we use works, which is the reason for why Nimbus requires you to restart the game when you change resolution. The solution to this problem currently is to either remove video.cfg inside steam/steamapps/common/nimbus, or to shut down the secondary monitor. As there’s a rather painless solution to this problem and it requires major rewrites it has a rather low priority for now.

– Some people have reported that they’d like the intro to be skippable. As this was a very easy fix from our end this functionality will be present in the patch.

To the people who’s been suggesting ghost & multiplayer support and editor, it’s something which we originally planned for but wasn’t able to include due to our financial situation. But it’s still something we have on the wall, so if things go as planned it might make its way in.

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