The demo is up, as well as a new patch!

Sadly it contains a rather major bug, which we’ll patch later today. If you watch the whole intro the game will crash after the first level, which naturally is kind of  a nuisance. The way to avoid this currently is to hit escape or backspace in the intro.

Together with the demo we also updated the full game. This is what’s changed ( hopefully I haven’t missed anything ):

– Some levels had missing collision, this has been fixed for all the reported cases.

– The bug that prevented high scores from being submitted has been fixed. This was down to a rate limitation on how fast scores can be submitted to steam leader boards. In the current version one can only submit 10 scores per 10 minutes, so if you’re racing for high scores on level 1 it’s very likely that you’ve run into this bug.

– From time to time the game failed to start due to being unable to sett co-operation level, this was down to us not supplying our sound middleware ( wWise ) with the correct initialization parameters.

– Better performance overall, a lot less disk access.

– There’s a small trick to how the FPS is handled which people most likely won’t notice. Now when you loose a fraction of a frame when you’re still pulling close to 60 FPS you’ll get it back over a couple of frames, overall it leads to higher precision and is important if you really are fighting for the top scores. We’re still experimenting with decoupling the game logic from the FPS, but so far all our tries have resulted in choppy frame rate.

– The leader boards have been made wider. In lower resolutions this can cause nicks on the leader boards to intersect GUI elements in the middle of the screen, but we think it’s a fair trade off, as some nicks were cut off short previously.

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