Status update

It has now been almost a month since we released Nimbus on steam, we’re very happy with the general reception. I can’t say it enough, we really appreciate the kind words we’ve been getting in reviews, mails, on the forum and even here on the blog :)

As we have been fairly silent for a while now on what we’re actually doing over here I thought it best to reassure our readers that we haven’t fled the country yet.

This is what’s currently fixed for the next patch:

– Some levels had missing collision, this has been fixed for all the reported cases.

– The bug that prevented high scores from being submitted has been fixed. This was down to a rate limitation on how fast scores can be submitted to steam leader boards. In the current version one can only submit 10 scores per 10 minutes, so if you’re racing for high scores on level 1 it’s very likely that you’ve run into this bug.

– From time to time the game failed to start due to being unable to sett co-operation level, this was down to us not supplying our sound middleware ( wWise ) with the correct initialization parameters.

– We’re doing the last tweaking on the demo, the demo will be a small slice of the early levels but with high scores disabled ( this is mostly down to a technical limitation ).

This is what we’re currently working on:

– A free Christmas themed content patch. It will contain more levels, new game entities, new features, new art and new music. I’ll do a dedicated update on this one as we get closer to the holidays.

– Various small bug fixes from our bug list.

– Some general re-engineering for getting the game to run on more than just steam.

We’re aiming to release the next patch towards the beginning of next week, we’ll try to have the demo ready at the same time.

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