A while back I was repping noumenon at a game jam at BTH, a local university. Memory is getting fuzzy but the time frame were 24 hours and the theme was a free interpretation of an image of space printed on a piece of paper. The next day, after about 13 hours of work, I called it done and didn’t touch it again. I actually wrote a blog post about the event, containing a download link to the game and detailing the development of it and some stuff around it, but apparently forgot to post it, heh.

Anyway, some month ago we started building a new website for noumenon and thought it would be cool to launch it together with a small game. So I fixed up the jam game.



We named it SPACEMAZERACE and it sort of plays like asteroids on a race track with simple side objectives (shoot and loot). The game is only seven short levels long, so consider it a bite sized mini-game or prototype. It’s made in GameMaker 8.1 (an excellent tool for rapid prototyping) so I have little knowledge about how well it works on platforms other than windows. Probably not at all unless you hack around with bootcamp or whatever, sorry guys. (windows) 4.76mb

Jukio Kallio, a good friend of mine made the music for it and the sound effects were made with bfxr.

So what about that website that was supposed to go live with the game? Well something broke and sebastian, who codes around here, had to leave for a trip over the weekend before he had the time to fix it. It’s up on monday instead, probably.

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