Soundtrack made available, update coming tonight

We’re happy that there’s been so many kind words regarding the music. The music in Nimbus was in fact a last minute heroic effort by one of our mates, Carl Karjalainen. For those who want the sound track in mp3 format it’s available here . Furthermore our first update will be hitting steam later tonight. We haven’t been able to find any issues with it, but want to make sure that it works nicely with an actual 360 controller first. Here follows the patch notes:

– Coins are easily recognized in the level GUI, instead of a grayish dotted area, it will instead be a grayed out coin.

– Startup crash, this is the one mentioned earlier in the blog which some people have been suffering from.

– Better controller support, much improved support for 360 controllers as well as logitech rumble 2 ( and by extension it would seem to work on most of logitechs PSX like controllers ). Picking between the different mappings can be done in the settings menu. It’s easy to add support for more controllers, so if there’s anybody out there with a controller that doesn’t work just hit our steam forums and make a post and we’ll send you a configuration file ASAP.

– Fixed a potential exploit.

– Particles have been optimized for all around better FPS, there’s still more work to be done at this front, but it should even the playing field a bit.

– Intro is now skippable.

by / November 5, 2010 / Posted in: Music, Nimbus, Patch