Snakebird, our latest game is hitting steam. Nimbus+ not dead.

We’ve just completed our latest game Snakebird which will be hitting steam on May 4th. It’s quite a different game than Nimbus, the only thing in common is that they’re both puzzle games, Snakebird more so than Nimbus. If you’re into challenging pure puzzle games we’re sure you’ll love it however!

We’ve actually been working on this project for quite a while along side Nimbus+ due to the unsymmetrical workload. Nimbus+ has been very programming heavy and us being 2 artists and a single programmer meant having a project on the side made sense. We’ve been telling people for quite a while that Nimbus+ is “just about done and ready for release any minute”, the truth is we haven’t been able to dedicate as much time to completing it as we’d wish as of late due to financial issues and Snakebird reaching the finish line at a faster pace. Rest assured Nimbus+ will however see the light of day. We have a few niggles to work out to get it through final QA, otherwise it’s complete and I do think anybody whom liked the original will be pleased with all the new features & content.

So what is this Snakebird game all about? I think it’s probably easier to convey the concept starting with its announcement trailer:

Judging by the trailer it might look fairly simple, and while that is certainly true about the mechanics the difficulty ramps up pretty fast.

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