Patch out!

The patch went live late night yesterday, if you’re experiencing any problems just drop us a note over at our steam forums and we’ll help you out ASAP.

Here’s the actual patch notes:

– The number of picked coins for a particular level made a bit more easy to understand, instead of just a gray circle it’s now a grayed out coin instead.

– The startup crash mentioned in our first post should be fixed now.

– Better controller support. It defaults to a rather sane default targeted at the 360 controller. One can change the mappings under the settings menu. Mapping keyboard keys also works here. The default mappings of the arrow keys, return and escape can’t be changed however as that would enable accidental configurations that can’t be fixed from the in game menus. To unbind a key / button from an action, just remap the action to the same key / button again.

– Fixed a potential exploit.

– Optimized the particle systems for better FPS. Lots of small tweaks that we’ve confirmed increases FPS across the board, we’ll try to do some more work on this front in future patches.

– Intro now skippable by hitting the key bound to Back to map ( defaults to escape / backspace ).

– Short description of the difference between different difficulty levels.

Here’s what’s on our to do list now:

– Ghost support, this will be local only and won’t be integrated with the leader boards, for various reasons. First of all there’s no direct support in steam for integrating ghosts with leader boards, this means we’ll have to create our own server solution. Secondly it kind of spoils a lot of the exploration and optimization joy when you can check the top spot ghosts.

– Release the editor. This is a big one. The editor we use now is extremely ugly and not particular intuitive in a lot of regards. This isn’t at the top of our priority list for now.

– Widen the leader boards. Longer leader board names get clipped.

– The game doesn’t always manage to register your best time. This has top priority and we’ll try to fix it to the next patch.

– Favor physics instead of render when FPS drops. As it is now they have equal priority, so when the physics simulation can’t keep up with real time the game is considerably slower. This is the reason for why poor FPS makes it impossible to get top scores pretty much. By favoring the physics simulation the player will have lower perceived FPS, but in actuality the game will still respond to input and simulate at 60 FPS. One can read more about it at the bottom of this thread.

– Get the game on other services than steam. This requires us to host our own high score servers and fix a few other things which we rely on steam for.

– Demo, we have one in the works that’s almost ready, no set date yet as we’d like to try it on a few test subjects first.

– More descriptive tool tip for unlocks. As it is now, you only get a notification that something was unlocked, not what was actually unlocked.

– Online multiplayer. This is a big one but something we ultimately would like to have. There’s already been some work done on this front so the doors are open.

– A game wide leader board where all the levels are factored in. This has come up on a couple of occasions and is something that isn’t terribly hard to do, so will likely see the light of day in a not to distant future.

– Checkpoints doesn’t correctly display the number of lives left when they’re inactivated in case there’s several checkpoints in view.

– Mac support. This has come up a lot, we haven’t really evaluated how much of an effort this would be, but there’s very little windows specific code in the game.

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