Nimbus race!

So, a while back we were very surprised to learn that the mighty fine people over at SpeedRunsLive had been racing nimbus a bit over the last couple months or so. One thing lead to another and now we’re very excited to announce that we’re collaborating on a race event, taking place two weeks from now on the 23rd of march, where the winner will get to collaborate on designing a piece of content for Nimbus+!

SpeedRunsLive uses a really nifty irc-based system to set up races, hook up streams and what not, so in order to participate in the race in the first place you will need to connect to their irc server ( ) and join the #nimbus channel. For more details about this, check out the FAQ on their site. It should cover most things you need to get your stuff up and running.

The prize will be a piece of content for our current project (Nimbus+) designed by the winner. The winner gets to chose between designing a level or designing a massive statue to be placed somewhere in the game. It’s possible to suggest something entirely different, but due to time constraints it is likely to not happen. Still worth a try though. Also be mindful of copyright infringement and obscene stuff, we want to avoid being chased by someones legal team or put a giant penis in the game!

Race rules:

  • The race will be an Any% run
  • The race starts by entering the Intro-level
  • The race ends when you clear the Credits-level
  • You are required to stream your race
  • You are required clear your game progress before the race


  • March 23, 19:00 GMT / 2PM EST


  • #nimbus

If you don’t want lose your progress you can find your save file in …\Steam\userdata\your user ID\50000\remote\leveldata.dat and copy it to another location before you clear it.

Also Due to a massive spam problem we’ve disabled the commenting on our site (that and a lot of other stuff will be fixed sooner or later) so if you have any questions about the race, ask away in the #nimbus channel on the srl irc. People there can fill you in and I usually lurk there as “Kval” as well.

I will update this post with further info if anything comes up.

Good luck!

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