Nimbus for PSN in the works, named Nimbus+!

I’m happy to announce that we’re currently working with SCEE to bring Nimbus to Playstation Network! We’re still in the fairly early stages of reworking the code base & porting all the content over to the new tech, but so far everything is pretty much looking on track. Nimbus+ will feature new content as well as improvements for areas which were lacking for the PC version, or which were cut due to lack of time. Exactly what these improvements will be isn’t entirely set in stone yet, as we try to go for the ones which brings best bang for the buck. This is also the reason for why some features which we originally wanted to bring to the PC version was cut short. If we would’ve invested the time needed to bring a decent quality editor we would’ve had to port that over to the PSN version as well, and that would be quite a commitment. This is not to say that we’ll leave the PC version hanging dry, the plan is to bring some of the improvements we currently have planned for Nimbus+ over to PC where possible. We’re also discussing some other boons for the ones who’ve taken the leap to buy the PC version, but there’s nothing decided on that end yet.

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