New website! Plus some news.

So it’s finally up! Like two years overdue, but hey, better late than never. It was supposed to be launched together with SPACEMAZERACE, but things rarely turn out as planned around here. There’s still some quirks to be ironed out, but overall most of it seems to work.

Some progress updates then:

Nimbus+ is coming along just fine, there’s been no real problems so far. There have been quite an up front tech investment for the ps3 port, however, and we’ve spent some time on fixing stuff properly so the tech can be used for future projects. While not necessary for the completion of Nimbus+, the extra time spent on that stuff will be a big time saver in the future as it will let us re-use the code. Also, it will be a while still before the game runs and renders as intended so we can start showing off some of the new stuff in the game.

The game also recently got a major deadline. We don’t want to say the exact date at this point, but it’s a bunch of months away and we’re looking to have the game complete by then.

We’d also like to release another free mini-game in the spring or early summer, but chances are that the workload on Nimbus+ will get so big there will be no time for prototyping. Besides, our next major project is more or less decided, so there is no real need for prototyping a new concept at this point. But we will see what happens!

by / February 17, 2012 / Posted in: News, Nimbus, Status