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The SRL race has concluded! Congrats to Bonygrunt who took the first place with a time of 21 minutes and 36 seconds! Only 80 seconds from the current world record of 20:16, held by crate. A mighty 33 entrants in total, 32 which crossed the finish line.

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by / March 27, 2013 / Posted in: Nimbus, Race Comments

So, a while back we were very surprised to learn that the mighty fine people over at SpeedRunsLive had been racing nimbus a bit over the last couple months or so. One thing lead to another and now we’re very excited to announce that we’re collaborating on a race event, taking place two weeks from now on the 23rd of march, where the winner will get to collaborate on designing a piece of content for Nimbus+!

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by / March 10, 2013 / Posted in: Nimbus, Race Comments