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Carl Karjalainen, the brains behind the soundtrack for the PC version, has just released a small sample from the new soundtrack!

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by / July 15, 2013 / Posted in: Development, Music, Nimbus, Status Comments

As there’s been a few tracks added, and a few missed in the original soundtrack archive we’ve compiled a new one. The new archive can be found here.

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by / January 3, 2011 / Posted in: Music, Nimbus Comments

We’re happy that there’s been so many kind words regarding the music. The music in Nimbus was in fact a last minute heroic effort by one of our mates, Carl Karjalainen. For those who want the sound track in mp3 format it’s available here . Furthermore our first update will be hitting steam later tonight. We haven’t been able to find any issues with it, but want to make sure that it works nicely with an actual 360 controller first. Here follows the patch notes:

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by / November 5, 2010 / Posted in: Music, Nimbus, Patch Comments